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I know that I said I was still going to be at least somewhat active on here, but obviously, I lied. Stick around long enough, and you may realize that I am somewhat of a lazy person these days.

Hey, at least I remembered to upload before the end of the year, though. *sips tea serenely*

But wait--there's more! Despite an intense desire to curl up under the blankets with my laptop and play video games and not come out until spring, I managed to act human long enough to do a craft show! I can't recall if I mentioned it before on here, but my mother :iconmyrret: and I began trying our hands at doing some of these last year, and have continued them in 2015 as we learn about more of them in our area.

I have a full recap of the recent show, with pictures(!), on my blog for those who want to see more, but I still wanted to talk a little bit about this here. Mainly because I want to encourage some of the artists on here to try their hand at maybe doing some.

I know that a lot (okay, maybe most of us) are incredibly introverted and alarm bells start ringing at the concept of human interaction, but if you ever push yourself to do just one social event, I recommend doing a craft show. Here's why:

:bulletgreen: It helps you learn better ways to market and sell your art.
:bulletgreen: It helps you push your boundaries and try something new.
:bulletgreen: You can meet other artist and crafters who have been doing shows for years and who are always friendly and willing to share their advice and experience.
:bulletgreen: You can be inspired!!!
:bulletgreen: The more you do, the less stressful it will be, as you learn what to prepare for and expect!
:bulletgreen: You can expand your clientele and by coming in contact face-to-face with browsers, you can learn what kind of customer base you're working with and different ways to meet their needs.
:bulletgreen: On that same note, it's a learning process for you to find a balance in honing your skills and talents to create marketable art, without changing your style and/or core of what you love to do.

I can't begin to tell you how much I've learned from doing even just a few shows (this last one makes it show #5). For a while after graduating, I got discouraged with my art and felt that the only people who were successful in making their passion into a career were those who changed their content to what was popular and to pander to the same old thing. I felt that there was no point in drawing anymore, because it seemed really pointless and like a useless thing that no one was interested in. However, I began to play with medias and through craft shows, began to think of new ideas of how to take what I loved to do and make them into something with purpose. :heart:

In more mundane news, I went to the mall to shop for Christmas presents and many hours (and half my paycheck) later, these are some things I've learned:

:bulletred: Even if you have a minimal circle of friends in addition to family to shop for, it is still expensive.
:bulletred: Always wear comfy shoes. It doesn't matter how cute those lacy, black, Victorian granny boots that hook up are, you are going to regret it when you finally escape at 7pm.
:bulletred: You can resist buying things for yourself by asking the question, "Can I make this myself?" and since the answer is usually, "Duh, yeah.", you will put back that adorable scarf and only buy multiple lotions and a really cute pair of pom-pomed leg warmers for yourself, and come out of Bath & Body Works with your hands smelling of 5 different Christmas perfumes.
:bulletred: Remember that trips like these are there to enforce your creed to never have children.

That's all for now...

Drink your tea, cuddle with your giant triceratops pillow pet (It exists. Her name is "Mama Groot".), and kiss your hamsters goodnight.

Much love,
Bryn P.

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Bryn Poliwczynski
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
United States
Jsaren likes: music, art, fashion, cute things like hamsters and Kenichi Matsuyama, reading, writing stories, designing clothes, autumn, singing, Doctor Who and a whole lot of other stuff. :iconkakapoplzplz:

Jsaren hates: Math, winter, the color green and the color yellow, cooked vegetables (raw veg is fine, though), bees that stalk you, and a whole lot of other stuff.

:bulletpink: Current Residence: My mind.
:bulletpink: Favorite genre of music: All the good music that no one knows about.
:bulletpink: Favorite style of art: Anime/Manga
:bulletpink: Operating System: My secret military base built inside the top of my tree.
:bulletpink: Shell of choice: Sand Dollar
:bulletpink: Wallpaper of choice: The kind you can eat.
:bulletpink: Skin of choice: Reeeeeeealy pale white
:bulletpink: Favourite cartoon character: Too many to name.
:bulletpink: Personal Quote: "You look vaguely familiar...have I threatened you before?" --Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

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Thank you very much! I appreciate it! :)
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